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Carrefour logos turned into insect hotels

For Carrefour, our challenge was to transform their logo into insect hotels, a task that required ingenuity and technical precision. Three supermarkets, two in Lyon and one in Grenoble, now proudly display these eco-friendly structures.






On-demand construction

01 Challenge of size and weight

The imposing dimensions of the logo, 175 cm high and 250 cm long, and its weight of almost 500 kilos required an extremely robust design. The aim was to create a structure that could not only support its own weight, but also withstand outdoor conditions, particularly when installed in retail car parks.

02 Construction and reinforcement

To ensure durability and safety, the logo was placed on sturdy legs and reinforced on the inside with a steel structure. This approach has enabled us to create an insect hotel that is not only solid and stable, but also aesthetically faithful to the iconic design of the Carrefour logo.

03 An expanding project

The presence of these structures in three supermarkets is a promising start. With room for improvement, this project has the potential to be extended to other sites, thereby reinforcing Carrefour's image.