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"Turning a passion into a real job is a great adventure".

Bernard Cwiek has worked as a registered nurse for almost 20 years.

Bernard, who has a Master's degree in Hospital Management, has also developed his skills by specialising in wound care. He has also enriched his career by taking painting and drawing courses at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Since 2006, he has been designing and building insect hotels by hand.

Passionate about biodiversity and the world of insects, he first did it as a hobby, then as a real additional activity and since 2014 as a full-time self-employed : "Turning a passion into a real job is a great adventure and to do that I had to find a name for my profession : so I became an "insect hotelier".

Made from FSC larch - certified rot-proof wood from sustainably managed forests - and filled with natural materials from our regions, the Insect Hotels are designed to last. Useful and attractive, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Tailor-made solutions allow us to propose personalised projects.

Bernard Cwiek has designed and installed numerous monumental shelters for private individuals and public authorities.

He also increasingly enjoys working with other designers, combining different materials. He works with master glassmakers, blacksmiths, wood turners and even ceramists. An exceptional designer who has turned his passion into a real profession... what a pleasure!