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Bespoke Insect Hotel for Safran

Our bespoke project for Safran, an aerospace company, consisted of an insect hotel measuring an impressive 160 cm in height. This unique creation illustrates our commitment to biodiversity and our ability to combine aesthetics and functionality in ecological projects.






On-demand construction

01 Tailor-made creations

This insect hotel was designed in accordance with our standard design for letters of this size, guaranteeing visual consistency and recognised aesthetic quality. With a height of 160 cm, this structure is not only functional for a wide range of insects, but also visually striking, making it a true work of ecological art.

02 An environmentally responsible partnership

This project was carried out in close collaboration with Safran, reflecting its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives. The Insect Hotel is a symbol of this collaboration, demonstrating that companies can play an active role in preserving the environment while incorporating unique design elements.

03 Impact and awareness

In addition to its ecological function, this structure is a tool for raising awareness. It demonstrates how environmental solutions can be aesthetically and functionally integrated into the urban or corporate landscape, thereby promoting environmental awareness among employees and visitors alike.