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Installation of Insect Hotels at IDEA wastewater treatment sites in the province of Hainaut

Our collaboration with IDEA, a company specialising in wastewater treatment, involved the construction and installation of insect hotels at various company sites.






On-demand construction

01 Ecological and sustainable approach

The decision to install insect hotels on IDEA's sites reflects a deep commitment to ecology. These structures provide an essential habitat for a wide range of insect species, contributing to the ecological balance and health of local ecosystems.

02 A positive impact on the environment

By providing a safe haven for insects, these hotels play a crucial role in pollination and other important ecological processes. Their presence on sewage treatment sites provides an interesting contrast, highlighting the importance of nature in places often dominated by human activity.

03 Working together for the future

This project illustrates IDEA's ability to innovate in the field of industrial ecology. By joining forces for this initiative, we have been able to demonstrate that it is possible to combine industrial activities with respect for the environment, paving the way for other future collaborations in the field of sustainability and differentiated environmental management.