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An ambitious project with Eurovia : Installation of 60 bumblebee boxes in France and Belgium

Eurovia, part of the Vinci Group, asked us to produce and install 60 drone cabinets. A logistical challenge successfully met.






Bumblebee cupboards

01 A logistical and environmental challenge

The scale of the project was impressive: we installed the cabinets from Strasbourg to Dunkirk and from Paris to Brussels. This involved moving 3 tonnes of materials such as gravel and concrete and 6 tonnes of insect hotels over a total distance of 4,500 kilometres. Delivering this project in such a short space of time was a major logistical challenge, but also a unique opportunity to contribute to biodiversity across a vast region.

02 Impact on biodiversity

The installed bumblebee boxes play a vital role for local wildlife. By providing a safe and favourable habitat for these essential pollinators, Eurovia is demonstrating its commitment to preserving biodiversity. This project makes a significant contribution to the health of local ecosystems, which are essential for pollination and biodiversity.

03 A successful and timely project

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project has been time management. Despite the scale of the task, we rose to the challenge and produced and installed all the structures on time. This success demonstrates our ability to manage large, complex projects while meeting strict environmental standards.