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Innovation at Domaine XXV : Insect hotels in the heart of the vineyards

We are proud to present our collaboration with Domaine XXV, a prestigious 8-hectare vineyard in Couthuin. This unique project combines our expertise in insect hotels with art and viticulture, resulting in a creation that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.




Domaine des XXV


On-demand construction

01 An artistic and environmental challenge

The challenge was to design and build an insect hotel that represented the "XXV" symbol, the winery's emblem. This requirement called for a creative approach that combined aesthetics and functionality. The visual aspect had to blend in with the natural environment of the vineyard, while providing a suitable habitat for insects.

02 Impact on vineyard biodiversity

The insect hotels installed at the XXV estate play a crucial role in preserving local biodiversity. By attracting and sheltering various species of insects, these structures contribute to the ecological balance of the vineyard, which is essential for sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture.

03 A symbol of sustainability and art

This project is a perfect example of how art and ecology can be combined to add value to a winery. The insect hotels, in the shape of an "XXV", are not only functional structures; they are also a symbol of the XXV estate's commitment to sustainability and the harmonious integration of nature into its winegrowing activities.

We are honoured to have contributed to this innovative project and hope that our collaboration will inspire other estates to adopt similar approaches, combining respect for the environment, art and viticulture.