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Hôtel à Insectes in Louvroil: an environmental commitment at the entrance to the town

Recent development in Louvroil, a dynamic town in the Nord (59720) department of France. Our initiative consisted of installing an Insect Hotel near the roundabout at the entrance to the town, to mark Louvroil's commitment to biodiversity and urban ecology.




Ville de Louvroil


On-demand construction

01 A strategic installation

The choice of location for the insect hotel is not insignificant. Installed at the entrance to the town, it serves as a symbol of welcome and reflects the ecological awareness of the Louvroil community. This location ensures maximum visibility and makes residents and visitors aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

02 Impact on urban biodiversity

The installation of this insect hotel is an important step towards creating a greener, more sustainable urban environment. It provides an essential habitat for pollinating insects and other small creatures, contributing to the health of urban ecosystems and the pollination of surrounding plants.

03 Awareness and education

The project is also an excellent way to raise awareness of the importance of ecological connectivity in urban environments. It encourages residents and visitors to Louvroil to become aware of the importance of small ecosystems and their role in the overall environmental balance of the city.

We are honoured to be taking part in this project with the city of Louvroil and hope that this initiative will encourage other towns to adopt similar ecological solutions to promote a greener, more sustainable future.