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Creation of an insect ball bearing at SKF in Tours

We are delighted to share with you our unique collaboration with SKF, a leading rotation technology company based in Tours (37540), France. Our project involved the design and installation of an insect ball bearing, an innovative fusion of steel and wood, which was successfully completed in 2023.






On-demand construction

01 An innovative project combined with a technical challenge

The challenge of this project was to create a ball bearing for insects that combines the robustness of steel with the naturalness of wood. This unique design reflects SKF's expertise in mechanical engineering while incorporating a significant ecological dimension.

02 Design and installation

The insect ball bearing has been carefully designed to meet technical requirements while providing a suitable habitat for insects.

03 An example of environmental stewardship

The SKF insect ball bearing is an example of how companies can integrate green solutions into their operational framework. It shows that industrial innovation can coexist with environmentally friendly practices.

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