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Raising awareness of

Take part in our insect and biodiversity events:
Educational, awareness-raising and fun activities for all ages.

Insect-related activities,

to raise awareness of biodiversity.

From nursery school age

A partnership between La Spirale, a centre for expression and creativity recognised by the French Community, and Cwiek Bernard's Insect Hotels.

Themes adapted to the age of the children:
– The insect in evolution.
– How is it made?
– Its uniqueness.
– Its life.
– Description of a flower and pollination.
– The insect and the flower.
– Importance in our diet.
– Building an insect hotel.


In your school : €25 VAT / hour.
0.34 per kilometre, starting from La Spirale.
20€ VAT per hour of driving.

For groups and adults : 50€ (incl. VAT) / hour.

At La Spirale : Chaussée de Namur, 22 à 5360 Natoye. Subsequent offer.