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Fourmies, a pioneer in France with insect hotel letters

We are proud to highlight our unique collaboration with the town of Fourmies, which is the first in France to order letters that form insect hotels. This bold and innovative project underlines the town's commitment to biodiversity and its desire to connect all generations with nature.




City of Fourmies


On-demand construction

01 A bold project

The town of Fourmies in the Nord (59610) took the bold step of asking us to install these original structures on a roundabout at the entrance to the town, next to a nightclub. This unconventional location demonstrated the community's innovative and inclusive approach.

02 Challenge

We were initially sceptical about the durability of these structures in a busy urban environment. However, to our great satisfaction, these insect hotels have stood the test of time.

03 Conclusion

With this project, the town of Fourmies has demonstrated that it is possible to create attractive and sustainable ecological spaces in unexpected places. We are very proud of this achievement and hope that it will inspire other cities to adopt similar approaches to promoting biodiversity.