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Les Sablons campsite and the innovative Insect Hotels project

Our experience with the Les Sablons campsite in Portiragnes, near Béziers, shows that it is possible to have an ecological and educational vision.




Campings Le Sablons


On-demand construction

01 Installation and integration

We have designed and installed the signage on the campsite, ensuring that each Insect Hotel letter blends in harmoniously with the natural and aesthetic environment of the campsite. Their presence in an area as rich in biodiversity as the vegetable garden and the zoo underlines the importance of these structures for the ecological balance.

02 Training and dissemination

The highlight of the project was the training week we organised on site. We had the privilege of training various campsite staff in the concept of insect hotels. The aim of this initiative was to give them the tools to pass on their knowledge to young holidaymakers, thus promoting environmental awareness and commitment from an early age.

03 Impact and awareness

The Les Sablons campsite project is a perfect example of how tourism businesses can make a positive contribution to the environment and at the same time offer their customers added educational value. This project is not only about preserving biodiversity, but also about creating a space for learning and sharing about the importance of nature in our daily lives. We're very proud of our partnership with Les Sablons campsite and are confident that this initiative will leave a lasting impression on young holidaymakers and inspire them to become the environmentalists of tomorrow.

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