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Creation of an insect hotel for Leclerc

Creation of a bespoke insect hotel for the famous Leclerc shop brand. This project is the result of close collaboration and a shared vision of the importance of biodiversity and art in our environment.






On-demand construction

01 Genesis of the project

The adventure began with a specific request from Leclerc to transform their emblematic logo into an insect hotel. Seduced by the idea, we asked for the logo in high resolution to begin our creative process.

02 Conception and design

On the basis of the images provided, we developed an ambitious sketch: a round insect hotel with a diameter of 175 cm and a weight of around 250 kilos. This design was not only a construction challenge, but also a real artistic feat.

03 Validation and implementation

After presenting the visual and the estimate, we got the green light from Leclerc. The result? An ecological work of art that harmoniously integrates the Leclerc logo into a natural insect habitat.

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