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Insect hotel installation for the town of Marle

We are pleased to present our latest project for the charming town of Marle in the Aisne (02250), France.




City of Marle


On-demand construction

01 Context and objectives

The town of Marle asked us to design and install insect hotels. The aim was twofold: to provide a refuge for local wildlife and to raise awareness of the importance of ecosystems among local residents and visitors.

02 Design and installation

Working closely with the authorities in Marle, we designed unique insect hotels that combine aesthetics and functionality. Each structure has been carefully designed to blend into the urban landscape while providing an ideal habitat for a variety of insect species. The installation was built around a roundabout strategically located at the entrance to the city, giving visitors a memorable and engaging first impression.

03 Impact and meaning

This project is more than just an art installation. It represents a strong commitment by the town of Marle to sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Insect hotels act as vital refuges for pollinators and other beneficial insects, playing a crucial role in maintaining local ecosystems.

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