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Insect Hotel made for SparkOH

We're delighted to share with you one of our most exciting projects for SparkOH. This project illustrates our passion for innovation and our commitment to biodiversity by transforming the SparkOH! logo into a unique educational and environmental experience.






On-demand construction

01 Request and inspiration

SparkOH! asked us to create a version of their logo. The idea was to integrate it into a project focusing on biodiversity, while offering an educational perspective. The central element was to allow the observation of the life of a bee, from the egg to its complete evolution, through an artistic and functional structure.

02 Design and technical challenge

The main challenge of this project was to design and produce an exclamation mark, the emblematic element of the SparkOH! logo. This work required a combination of artistic creativity and technical skills to create a structure that is both aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and educational.

03 Integration and educational impact

The final piece, more than just a structure, has become a window into the world of bees. By providing a window through which to observe the evolution of the bee, this living logo becomes a powerful educational tool. It allows visitors to "SparkOH!" to connect with nature in an interactive and informative way, while highlighting the importance of preserving bees and biodiversity in general.